Скачать шаблон sparks

The expression sums_avgs.zipWithIndex creates a tuple with each sums_avgs value and it’s index into the collection. We use that to add the row index to the output. Option 4: View the template source The creator of this template maintains it at -sample-project#master. The easiest is to use something like sbt-assembly to produce a fat jar. Be sure to mark the Spark and job-server dependencies as «provided» so it won’t blow up the jar size. Quiz: If you look at the (unsorted) data, you’ll find a lot of entries where the word is a number. (Try searching the input text file to find them.) Are there really that many numbers in the bible? If not, where did the numbers come from? Это позволяет в разы сэкономить время на сортировку и разбор почты.

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